Access control and remote monitoring

Security is undoubtedly one of the sensitive points of a company or a house, and therefore should not be neglected. As a result, it becomes essential for SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL to do everything possible to ensure that each of its clients is provided with security worthy of the name.

The remote monitoring service – easy to use, secure, real-time and web-based – provides an additional look at the integrity and overall state of your company’s physical infrastructure. The remote monitoring service ensures notification of any problems that may become relevant. We will ensure that the necessary connections have been made to explain and resolve the problems identified. The monitoring centres provide complete coverage; the professionals working there process the information received from the client’s devices and trigger the appropriate response, which includes recording the event, sending emails and calling security, and forwarding cases to officials in other regions or levels as required and as part of service agreements.

The benefits of good monitoring and optimal access control include the following:

  • Improved agility. This system allows customers to easily visualize changes in their physical infrastructure, thus optimizing availability within the data center. This could include data export functionality and graphical reports, which can show the matches between related data points.
  • Allows support for multiple devices. This allows a wide range of APC devices to be managed, including single and three-phase UPS, power distribution units, cooling and environmental monitoring devices, as well as other tools from the available set of devices.
  • This system offers more convenience by providing a centralized repository of system information through a dashboard indicating system status.
  • Threats to the physical infrastructure can be prevented, identified and resolved quickly and accurately.
  • The security is alerted in real time as soon as a critical event occurs. This reduces mean time to repair, improves efficiency and maximizes reaction time.