Corporate Social Responsibility

SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL focuses its social responsibility on an active and voluntary contribution of the company to the improvement of the social, economic and environmental development. The competitive situation and its added value are thus optimized.

We ensure that the concerns of the society are integrated into our strategy by assuming the commitment to respond to its actions in a transparent manner. First of all, we put forward a responsible business practice with the aim of satisfying a maximum number of people on the Cameroonian territory.

In addition to this, SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL is committed to the development of actions that are beneficial to the various stakeholders with whom the company has relationships. Thus, it becomes essential to optimize the resources used to the maximum and to try to minimize the impact with, for example, energy saving measures.

Community satisfaction remains our main objective. We are part of a social and community environment and are aware of the importance of the environment. We therefore ensure the positive development of the communities around us.

As far as the market is concerned, SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL makes sure to maintain quality standards in its products and services, applying policies of transparency so that the market has every guarantee of this.

In addition, measures are taken to reconcile work and family, to offer courses and training activities, to reduce overtime or to maintain cordial and respectful treatment in all aspects.

We are responsible for our actions

We are all responsible for our actions and their consequences. In order to guarantee complete customer satisfaction, SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL can count on its team which is not only professional, but also experienced and close-knit. People who work in close collaboration, hand in hand, to provide high-quality work.