Home Automation for an Intelligent Structure

Home automation aims to make your life easier by improving your safety and comfort. But do you know which elements can be automated in the house? How home automation works and what are its main advantages? SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL takes care of absolutely everything!

There is a set of systems and processes to which human beings do not have access, and which only automation can manage. In this case, everything is in the hands of a set of technological elements, although automation requires pre-adaptation to the needs and lifestyle of each user.

Thanks to the automation system offered by SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL, you have at your disposal a network of hardware, communication and electronic interfaces that works by incorporating and connecting all the equipment used daily to a WiFi connection via Internet. Thus, it can be controlled via mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

The main objective of SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL in the automation of a home or business is to simplify all the functionalities available in a structure, such as :

  • Make the lights adapt to you. Lighting has a great impact on people’s comfort and well-being. Through the combination of different types of LED lights, environments adapted to each situation are created, with low power consumption and integrated into all the functions of the installation.
  • Solar protection elements. The automation of blinds and other sun protection elements, such as awnings, venetian blinds or curtains, is essential. They provide automatic shading that promotes energy efficiency while increasing security and privacy.
  • Air conditioning. When air conditioning is automatic, systems operate to provide the right temperature at any time of the day, and the user does not have to adjust values or worry about air quality or humidity.
  • At night, when everyone is asleep, make sure everything is working properly. Monitor if someone enters the structure without authorization, detect if there is a water leak, if there is smoke. In the event of an unexpected event or incident, the structure reacts to alert the people inside.