Information Technology

Achieving differentiation in a saturated and competitive environment is not an easy task. More companies are analyzing their environment and the weaknesses it may present, with the aim of becoming efficient, operational and, above all, useful to the society. In this sense, trust in IT services is a direct guarantee of success.

We offer a set of activities aimed at meeting the needs presented by a client in relation to IT assets, also known as assets, promoting their value and at the same time reducing the existing and inherent risk of any system. We take into account the use of telecommunications equipment, in addition to computers and software used for data processing, storage and transmission.

The need to communicate safely

The need to communicate, process and select data has always accompanied each and everyone. This is why, over time, both devices and technology have evolved to offer increasingly specialized solutions. The stability of the Internet and the development of new communication and information technologies have been two determining factors for SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL.

We make sure that we use the essential information technologies for the proper development of mobile devices, with televisions and tablets being used indiscriminately in the professional and personal fields.

At SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL, we have been offering various IT-based solutions such as consulting and project management for more than 10 years. We monitor, control, audit and validate all projects carried out by third parties in order to guarantee the exhaustive achievement of the objectives set. We also develop process analysis and implementation in specific information systems.

In addition to being specialists in offering IT solutions, SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL has a team of professionals specialized in the design and execution of applications related to environmental technologies. We also provide consulting services in the auditing of various processes and procedures.

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing

Within the framework of the resolution of problems relating to performance improvement, monitoring and evaluation of activities, and strategic steering at the industrial and large company levels, SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL collaborates with an international research team in artificial intelligence and distributed computing, to ensure the deployment and implementation of a new ad hoc solution.