Architecteur Cameroun

Architecteur Cameroun is an Architecture Firm which offers its customers a quality real estate service, through a normative and professional approach.

Atlas Telecom

Atlas Telecom is an international communications company founded in France but now based in Bermuda. It is a subsidiary of Atlas Group. One of its biggest divisions is Atlas Telecom in Romania.


The Republic of Congo, also called Congo-Brazzaville, has tropical forest reserves that are home to gorillas. Its capital Brazzaville faces Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on the other side of the Congo River.

Central African Republic

The Central African Republic, commonly known as the Central African Republic, is divided between savannas and equatorial forest (in the south), and essentially experiences a tropical climate. The Central African Republic also has many natural resources, including uranium, gold, diamonds and oil.


Chad, in long form the republic of Chad, is a country in central Africa without access to the sea, bordering Libya in the north, Niger in the west, Nigeria in the west-southwest, Cameroon to the south-southwest, the Central African Republic to the south and Sudan to the east. Its capital is N'Djaména.

Afriland First Bank

Afriland First Bank is a Cameroonian full service bank. It has subsidiaries in several countries in Africa such as Sao Tome, DRC, Gabon, Chad, and many others


We are located at Shanghai, China and founded in 2007 as designer, supplier and manufacturer of Eco Solvent Printer, Solvent Printer, UV Printer and Digital Textile Printer with our own research institute, manufactory etc.


Gabon, a country in Central Africa located on the Atlantic coast, has important protected parks. The coastal forest estate of the famous Loango National Park is home to a variety of wildlife, from gorillas and hippos to whales.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a country in central Africa. It is the fourth most populous country in Africa (behind Nigeria, Ethiopia and Egypt) as well as the most populous French-speaking country. The country is also called more simply Congo, or more often RDC, Congo-Kinshasa or RD Congo to differentiate it from the neighboring Republic of Congo


The International Bank of Cameroon for Savings and Credit is a Cameroonian bank, based in Douala. It is a subsidiary of the Moroccan group BCP.

Tamga Modules Advanced Solutions

Tamga is a professional ISO Container manufacturing company, Modified ISO containers Offshore containers, Mobile field hospitals, Mobile clinics


Cameroon, a country in Central Africa is nicknamed “Africa in miniature” because of its climatological, mining, geographic, human, linguistic and cultural diversity.

Equatorial Guinea

A Central African country made up of the mainland region of Rio Muni. Malabo, its capital on Bioko Island, displays Spanish colonial architecture and is a focal point for the country's thriving oil sector.