Enter a new world of telecommunications. No limits, no boundaries, with a great experience.

SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL is a national company specialized in engineering, marketing, supply, installation, commissioning and after-sales service of telecommunications equipment and systems. It has extensive experience in professional radiocommunications solutions, control centres, automatic location systems, RFID access control, electronic surveillance and real-time Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), where the highest levels of security are required.

One of the advantages we offer to companies is the ability to control the staff through two-way communication, depending on the specific needs of logistics, coverage, security and functionality.

Today’s businesses need to focus their efforts on achieving their core business objectives, and this is why communications are an invaluable support in achieving their goals. SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL offers total management of communications, in order to provide solutions to optimize workgroup performance. SOFITRA therefore offers an outsourcing path with high quality digital or analogical equipment, providing an integral communication service.

SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL, the radiocommunication solution

SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL is a world leader in the design, development and supply of radiocommunication solutions, its products being the ideal solution. SOFITRA offers a wide portfolio of customized solutions, according to the customer’s needs in sectors such as: public safety agencies, government services, public transport and other sectors.

SOFITRA provides a scalable and cost effective solution to establish instant communications between different systems to support emergency response and daily operations. Our concept allows operators to access the radio network from their IP LAN, which greatly improves coverage since they access the radio networks from specific terminals that can be located without interrupting communication.