Water supply, sanitation and waste management

SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL is a company at the heart of major challenges, offering public and private services in drinking water supply, sanitation and waste management. On the one hand, we provide access to good living conditions and essential health for all populations, and on the other hand, we contribute to minimizing the impact on the environment and water resources.

We also provide high quality sanitation and waste management services, taking into account climate change and environmental impact.

To achieve this, we adopt an optimal organization, with an efficient internal organization structured around appropriate skills. From a financial point of view, the objective is to ensure the maintenance and renovation of facilities at competitive rates that guarantee accessibility of services to the greatest number of people, all without neglecting quality.

Various actors involved

The governance and good management of public water supply, sanitation and waste management services require the involvement of many actors at different levels of responsibility and often at different geographical scales. This is why SOFITRA INTERNATIONAL offers a highly qualified team with proven experience in conducting such work.

We guarantee a maximum level of service and maintain structures at an optimal cost, while adapting to regulatory and technological developments, in order to ensure the sustainable conservation of natural resources.

While guaranteeing our obligations and, in particular, the inclusion of our governance in environmental policies and issues, we provide the appropriate framework and coordination for the consultation of the various actors, in order to ensure the technical, financial and economic sustainability of the services.